BYOU is a lifestyle empowerment brand for girls, whose mission is to empower girls to love themselves for exactly who they are, and to celebrate all the differences that make them unique. BYOU collaborates with celebrities and influencers worldwide, and their charities of choice, to create custom, limited-edition positive-messaging apparel collections and together, make the world for our girls a better place to be.

Here’s the thing.  We Care.  It’s really that simple.
We care about the state of the world, and the future of our girls.
But even more important than the future of our girls… is TODAY.
We know that if we can positively impact the world of a girl today … the future will take care of itself.
We want YOU to feel BEAUTIFUL.
Not by hiding imperfections, but using them as a part of YOUR story!
We encourage girls & women worldwide to embrace their authentic selves, diminishing the need for external validation. Through our products and message, we help expose the POWER that you already have within you. We are empowering girls & women everywhere to make positive choices throughout life, personal happiness, and contribution to society; Creating a strong, confident, unstoppable force of women worldwide. We strive to be a beacon of hope, and fun, in a world that at times has become far too serious and negative.
Who doesn’t want to spend their days doing that?
And what would make what we do even better?
Invite Celebrities and Influencers to join in the fun!
And what would make it even better than that? (hey, go big or go home right?)
Donate a significant portion of all sales to charity!
SO … That’s what we do and that’s what we are about.
Pretty simple really.
Thanks for listening 🙂
Candace Writer
Co-Founder & Interim CEO