“You can’t always keep up with the Joneses.” a phrase I’ve heard throughout my entire childhood from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it…every family member.  Back in my grammar school years, Jordan’s, name plate belts, and sock buns was the trend throughout my urban community. I felt like I had to stay on track with every trend because I was trying to keep up with my classmates, aka the Joneses. There was something different every week, I just could not keep up! Once middle school came around, a sense of “maturity” kicked in. I began to see things clearly.  I took a look around and I had a small talk with myself. I screamed in my head I’M NOT INTO ANY OF THIS STUFF! The older I got, my style changed and different styles came to mind. When you’re comfortable with your style you come to a point when you ask yourself “What look do I want to go for today?” Whether it may be Minimal – Classic V-neck t-shirt with boyfriend jeans, a blazer, and Chuck T’s,

​Classy Chic- A Nice form fitting dress with a cute pointy toe pump, or

Classic maxi dress, flip flops, a head wrap, and long earrings.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is a phrase short for keeping up with the latest trends. Today’s generation is no longer “Keeping up with the Joneses”, but instead Keeping up with the Kardashians. Every day, the K Klan post on social media their flawless makeup and to die for apparel. The type of apparel people run out and grab once Kim Kardashian is seen wearing it. Knowing your personal style is not an easy thing because you have to begin to develop who you are, first. Ask yourself, is being trendy worth the anxiety? Is it worth the consistency? And most importantly is it worth the MONEY? It can get expensive. Creating your style all starts with YOU. Here are my 6 keys steps to helping you figure out your personal style:

1. What is your personality?

Your personality usually correlates with your style. Are you quirky? Are you laid back? Are you loud and crazy? Express it through your clothes.

2. What type of clothes do you like?

Open your closet and figure out what is IT and what is NOT it, for YOU, not anyone else. If it doesn’t fit YOUR vibe or personality, trash it!

3. How old are you?

You’re sitting at a coffee shop and you see someone walking down the street and you think to yourself “She is too old (or too young) to be wearing that.” You never want to be THAT person. Looking age appropriate is always a good look especially for older woman.

4. Experiment.

It’s OK to experiment with different types of styles to figure out which one fits you. One day you want to be minimal, the next day you want to be classy/chic, or the next day you want to take it back to the 90’s. This helps because you’re figuring out what style suites you best.

​5. *Singing* don’t think about it too much, too much, too much, too much, too much!! – Thanks Drake…

It’s obvious when someone is trying too hard with anything. Too much thought leads to destruction. Let it flow, naturally.

6. Listen to your gut

If your gut says it’s not it, then it’s not it.
Trends come as quickly as they go, but individuality stays the same. 


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